How to use the facility ?
Registration process

For external users: Please create new account with all the details. It is mandatory to upload your National photo and official IDs (jpeg/png format). Upon registration, you will receive an email to verify the account. Once your account is verified by the CRF admin you will be able to login to the website. If you do not hear from CRF admin within two days, please contact

For CeNS users: Log in using your CeNS username and password.

For ROI students: Register as external users.
Sample submission and data collection
You will receive an email communication confirming the receipt of the slot request with a unique request ID in the subject line. Please do not alter the subject line in future communications.
Choose the facility that you wish to use.
Click on “Book a new request”.
Complete the request form with all the required information and parameters and submit. Note that each facility comes with separate ‘Slot booking request form’.

You will receive an email communication confirming the receipt of your request.

If the slot booking is approved, you will receive an email communication for making payment.

Once the payment is received, the allotted date and time will be communicated through email. The allotment is made based purely on the availability of the facility time. In most cases, 2-3 weeks of waiting time could be expected.

After the allotment confirmation, you may send the sample by post/courier, or bring in person if presence during the measurement is indicated.

The collected data will be sent through email only. The data will be kept on the instrument computer for a maximum of one week after which the CRF is not responsible for your data on the system. The data will be cleared on every Friday of the week.

If you need the sample to be returned it may be collected in person, or via post/courier (charges applicable) within a month. CRF is not responsible for the loss of samples after one month.


Once you receive the email for making payment, the specified amount must be paid in advance by Electronic Transfer via State Bank Collect Website.

  • Go to State Bank Collect website
  • Select “State” as Karnataka and “Type” as Govt. Department  
  • Search for “Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences”  
  • Sample Characterization Fee

For a detailed description please download the attached document.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of slot request is possible only prior to making the payment.