Environmental Test Chamber
Environmental Test Chamber
Make: Espec
Model: SH-642
Year of purchase: 2017
Funded by: TSAMRC
Location: TSAMRC Lab
Contact email: tsamrclab@cens.res.in
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  • Temperature range: -40 to +150 degree C
  • Humidity range: 30 – 95%rh
  • Tank capacity: 5 ltrs
  • Inside dimensions: (WxHxD) 400x400x400 in mm
  • Chamber capacity: 64 ltrs
  • This chamber can be used to perform the following tests (Can run for a week):
  • Heat resistance testing (high-temperature properties testing)
  • Cold resistance testing (low-temperature properties testing)
  • Humidity resistance testing (high humidity)…SH only
  • Low-humidity testing…SH only
  • Preservation (shelf) testing
  • Life testing
  • Degradation (severe) testing
Modes Duration (hrs)
Environmental test chamber 24 hrs
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