Xenocs XRD with 2D Image plate detector
Xenocs XRD with 2D Image plate detector
Make: Xenocs
Model: GeniX3D
Year of purchase: 2012
Funded by:
Location: Arkavathi
Contact email: xtlab@cens.res.in
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  • Operates at 50kV and 0.6mA
  • Cu Kα radiation ((λ = 0. 15418 nm)
  • Can do SAXS/ WAXS measurement (~10 nm - 0.3 nm)
  • Detector: 2D Image Plate 345 mm diameter and 0.1 mm pixel size (Mar345, Mar Research)
  • Beam size is 1 mm circular
  • Measurement is performed in the transmission mode
  • Capillary or flat samples
  • Typical 2 theta coverage is from 0-25 deg
  • Heating experiments (up to 200 deg C) can be done on request basis
Modes Duration (hrs)
Temperature dependent One day
Temperature independent 3 hours
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