Wet Bench
Wet Bench
Make: Nano Clean Contamination Control system
Model: Customized fabrication
Year of purchase: 2015
Funded by:
Location: Arkavathi
Contact email: fablab@cens.res.in
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  • Fume hood with HEPA filters(0.3μm).
  • Sonicator: 30/60 Hz duel frequency
  • Hot plate: Maximum temperature 250oC
  • Spin coater: 8000rpm
  • Ozone cleaner: 400W UV lamp
  • Hot air Oven: 50-350 C
  • Wet bench instruments to be used for optical lithography experiments.
  • Fume hood and HEPA filters: To avoid dust.
  • Spin coater: To coat the photoresist on the substrate.
  • Hotplate: To soft bake and hardback of the photoresist.
  • Sonicator: Used for the lift-off.
  • Ozone cleaner: To make substrate surface hydrophilic.
Modes Duration (hrs)
Wet bench for lithography 3 hrs
Sl. No. - Category Fees ( in Rs/- ) + additional 18% GST
03 - Industry Rs. 2000/- per hr
01 - Other Academia Rs. 1000/- per hr
02 - Industry partner Rs. 1500/- per hr