Reactive Ion Etching System
Reactive Ion Etching System
Make: Hind High Vacuum
Model: RIE
Year of purchase: 2016
Funded by:
Location: Arkavathi
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  • RIE is a directional and selective dry etching technique. It utilizes chemically reactive species (plasma), which are accelerated towards the substrate to remove deposited films or the substrate. Reactive plasma is produced by applying a strong radio frequency (RF) to the electrode (substrate holder).
  • RF:13.56 MHz
  • Pressure: 1 × 10 -3mbar
  • Etching gases used: Argon, Oxygen, Tetrafluoromethane(CF4) and Sulfur hexafluoride(SF6)
  • RIE technology can etch various materials such as organic materials, dielectric materials, semiconductors and metals. For etching these materials, different types of gases are used based on their process chemistry. For example, organic materials can be etched using argon and oxygen gases, dielectric materials are typically etched by using SF6 and CF4 gases etc. The etching process can be tuned and optimized by varying RIE parameters such as RF power, gas flow, pressure and time.
Modes Duration (hrs)
Manual Depend on the requirements
Sl. No. - Category Fees ( in Rs/- ) + additional 18% GST
01 - Academic Institutes 500 per slot / 1.5 hrs
03 - External Industry Users 1,000 / 1.5 hrs
02 - External Industry Partner 750 / 1.5 hrs