Thermal Evaporation System
Thermal Evaporation System
Make: VEC Solutions
Year of purchase: 2016
Funded by:
Location: Arkavathi
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  • Used to deposit thin films of metals and organic materials
  • The source material evaporated in a vacuum
  • Backing pump Pressure: 5×10-2 mbar
  • Roughing Pressure: 5 ×10-2mbar
  • Turbo-molecular pump Pressure in Pennig gauge – 1×10-6mbar
  • Quartz crystal is used to monitor the thickness of the deposited film and also to control the rate of evaporation
  • Typical filament currents are 10-125mA
  • Heating filaments/boats: Tungsten, molybdenum
  • Maximum deposition thickness that can be achieved is 600nm.
  • Substrate temperature can be increased up to 150oC.
  • Used to deposit metals and organic materials
  • We can use the hard metals also such as Nickel, but it will take longer time
Modes Duration (hrs)
Manual 60-80-minutes
Sl. No. - Category Fees ( in Rs/- ) + additional 18% GST
01 - Academic Institutes 500 (Cu, Al etc); 800 (Au) / 100 mg
03 - External Industry Users 1000 (Cu, Al etc); 1600 (Au) / 100mg
02 - External Industry Partner 750 (Cu, Al etc); 1200 (Au) / 100 mg