PANalytical (XRD)
PANalytical (XRD)
Make: PANalytical
Model: X-pert PRO
Year of purchase: 2007
Funded by:
Location: XRD/Thermo Lab
Contact email:
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  • - Operate at 45 kV and 30 mA
  • - Cu Kα radiation ((λ = 0. 15418 nm)
  • - Includes SAXS/ WAXS (~10 nm-0.1 nm)
  • - Soller slits before and after the sample for minimization of out-of-plane reflection
  • - Focusing Elliptical mirror assembly; 3kW X-Ray generator
  • - Detector: Fast high resolution PIXCEL solid state multichannel detector
  • - Beam size is rectangular width-1mm height -1 cm
  • - Measurement is performed in the transmission mode.
  • - Capillary or flat samples. Measurement can be performed from ambient and at high temperature (200oC) by keeping the sample inside a Programmable hot stage* (*Currently there is no dedicated hot stage)
  • - Typical 2θ coverage is from 10-80 deg.
  • - Expected but not done: Sub-ambient measurements. Not done owing to non-availability of a suitable cooling stage
Modes Duration (hrs)
Temperature dependent Minimum one day but likely to get extended again depends on the density of data, type of experiment, etc.
Temperature independent (Absolute Scan) About 1/2 -3 hours but depends very much on the intensity of the scattering
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