Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer Spectrum) [FTIR PE]
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer Spectrum) [FTIR PE]
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  • • Wavelength Range – 4000 – 400 cm-1 with a resolution of 0.4 cm-1.
  • • It gives a spectrum (fingerprint profile) of a sample with absorption peaks corresponding to the frequencies of vibrations between the atomic-bonds.
  • • Interferometer – Improved rotary Michelson interferometer for fast scanning, self-compensating for dynamic alignment changes due to a tilt and shear, incorporating high reflectivity.
  • • Optics – Kinematically mounted, zero alignment optics
  • • Detectors – A DTGS (deuterated triglycine sulfate) MIR detector as standard.
  • • Source – Long life source with proprietary hot-spot stabilization. User replaceable
  • • Validation – Software controlled validation wheel containing a polystyrene reference material, traceable to a NIST standard for wave number accuracy and a Schott NG11 filter for ordinate repeatability.
  • • Atmospheric Compensation – Minimizes effect of atmospheric water and CO2 on the sample spectra without the need for reference or calibration spectra..
  • • Accessory Recognition – Spectrum 3 accessories and ATR top plates are automatically detected as soon as they are locked into the sampling area. Instrument parameters are optimized for the installed accessory. Serial numbers for accessories and top plates are stored with all data.
  • • Advanced ATR pre-processing options to allow improved searching of ATR spectra against transmission libraries.
  • • Quantitative Analysis – Single frequency, method development software. Includes Beer’s Law, PLS and PCR quantitative prediction.
  • • Desiccant – Accepts disposable packs or rechargeable desiccant cartridges. Visible desiccant lifetime indicator.
  • • Pellet holder, liquid and gas cell available.
  • ATR – IR
  • • Crystal choice – Diamond, Germanium
  • • Crystal plate mounting – User changeable stainless steel plates
  • • Crystal Type – Monolithic
  • • Crystal dimension – 3 mm diameter
  • • Angle of incidence – 45 °
  • • Optics – All reflective
  • • Pressure Device – Rotating, continuously variable pressure, click stop at maximum, maximum pressure 30,000 psi
  • • Spectral range, Diamond – 4000 to 10 cm-1 (optics dependent)
  • • Analyze solid, liquid, gas, free-standing films, and thin films.
  • • Identify products, contaminants and gain deeper insights into the properties of novel and advanced materials.
  • • Accurately determine and monitor hydrocarbon levels in the environment.
Modes Duration (hrs)
FTIR 2-3 mins
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